Smart Home Automation

A complete Smart Home Automation Solutions & Services

1Convenience & Comfort

Personalized Smart Home Automation Solution that makes Smart Home Control easy from Entertainment and Media to Lighting, Climate, Security and more. The control can be through elegant Keypads or Touch Panels, Remotes, Smart Phone or Tablets, Hands Free Voice Control, Sensor based operations and much more…

2Safety & Security

SHSB makes your home protected by the required surveillance and best in class security measures for your integrated home.

3Remote Access

Control your home from anywhere in the world through internet using your smart devices or browser. You can check the status of your connected devices as well as control it, thereby giving you complete mobility.

4Healthy Living

SHSB Smart solutions makes your living a healthy living with temperature control, pure air & water, energy managed & usage of green devices, safety & security that gives you peace of mind and less anxiety.

5Energy Savings

SHSB focuses in giving you convenience with cost savings. The primary factor is energy consumption and management. Our range of sensor based solutions and thermostat solution & lighting shall take care of better energy savings resulting in your guaranteed ROI (Return On Investment). You can easily identify which pieces of hardware is the reason behind your higher electricity bill. You can also program the system to help you make the most of the savings.

6Peace of Mind

The home which is in your control with safety, security, savings and convenience, 24/7 takes care of your dear and loved ones. SHSB makes sure to care for your personal security, as well as instances of fire, flooding, burglary. It also helps the elderly, the children, and persons of limited mobility in their everyday life. Thereby giving you complete ‘peace of mind’.

7Tablet & Mobile Phones

Make your smart phone/devices to make your home ‘sweet home’ with safety, security, savings and convenience at your finger touch. Enjoy total home control from any device, with the app that can do it all. Turn your Android and iOS smartphones, tablets into the ultimate remote for your SHSB Control system.

8One Touch or Voice Control

Home Automat gives you one-touch convenience for smart home control. With voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home, it's easier than ever. Enjoy more entertainment options, simplify routine tasks, and make better use of your resources to enhance your home experience.

9GPS Integrated

The solution is advanced to control from any part of the world and also integrates Google Map for the scene settings. Also gives the notifications of the location of your near and dear ones.

10Mood / Scene Settings

Home Theatre Experience or Party Experience or Pooja / Prayer Time.. SHSB shall help you to do it in a click away. You can have the customizable scenes or mood settings as you desire.

11Schedule based Operations

You can have the lightings as you prescheduled it. The outdoor lighting shall turn ON / OFF. With the advanced sensors it dynamically adjusts the lightings to the amount of natural light. The system shall set the optimal lighting as required basis. Also the scheduling shall make each morning unique. As soon as you’re up, the sensor will activate a scene that will wake the entire house.

12Retrofit & Wireless

SHSB provides the primary solution on a retrofit basis i.e. no need to break the wall or change your existing home setup. Wireless control gives you the freedom of scalability both upward and downward of features and appliances at your convenience.

1Lighting & Scene

Make the home respond to your need. SHSB allows you to create the lighting or scenes based on the mood. SHSB provides you Lightings, Weather, Music… that welcomes you, says Good Night, Serene Atmosphere, Rocks you or the one that you need.

2Climate & HVA (HVAC)

A/C can adjust the temperature based on the room condition or based on the current weather. Save Energy by automatically closing or opening the curtain & blinds based on hot or cold weather.

3Curtain & Gate

Control various Motorized Devices like Shades, Blinds, Curtains, Windows, Skylights, Gates, Rolling shutters through the smart devices or make those control as part of scenes. Save Energy by automatically closing or opening the curtain & blinds based on hot or cold weather.

4Home Appliances

Make your home appliances like TV, Microwave Oven, Washing Machine, Coffee Machine, Kettle, Table Fan / Lamp, Socket Control and other electrical devices as part of Home Automation to turn it On/Off from anywhere.

5Air Purification

Indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Know the pollutants better. Air purifiers addresses the ever-growing problem of air pollution inside Indian homes. The air purifier technology absorbs harmful gases, without taking away much needed moisture from the air.

6Motion Assist

Experience the automated home through the multiple sensors which can be programmed to turn ON the relevant lights and electrical devices or scenes based on various conditions like time or light intensity or based on the movement or occupancy of the Human. The sensitivity of the Sensors can be adjusted to ignore the movement of the small animals.

7Security & Surveillance

SHSB allows you to create the Home atmosphere, as if you are at home while actually you are out on a Vacation. The Video Surveillance System allows you to have a watch as you desire. The automated alerts on SMS/Alarms/Push Notifications can keep you in touch with the home for better safety.

8Connect & Communicate

Answer the front door from the backyard or accept a delivery while still at the office. Your private network hub for communicating anywhere, The VDP (Video Door Phone) lets you see, hear, and respond to visitors, whether you’re on the couch, in the car, or out of the country.

9Elegant Switches / Touch Panel

Smart Switch Panel from SHSB is an electronic control panel / keypad that allows the user to control lights, appliances, blinds/curtains or preset lighting. The touch panel is available in various models based on the opted solution. The functions of the touch panel can also be controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

10Water & Garden

You can control the temperature and filters on outdoor pools & spas. Your presence as you can turn on the sprinkler system when you are away based on the scheduled time or based on the requirement.

11Multi Room Audio

The SHSB audio solution gives you the ability to listen to all of your different music sources in as many rooms or zones as you prefer. Also, you can easily stream music from any smartphone or device in the home to any of these zones with ease.

12Home Theatre

Home Automat provides various options of Home Theatre system to clients based on the requirement and budget which is seamlessly integrated to the automation system. We offer Home theater solutions starting from right acoustics, best combination of systems which include 4k Projection systems, Dolby Atmos surround sound, apt speakers and sound systems which suits the dimensions of the room.


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