Home Automation

What Is Home Automation?

Electricity transformed households in the 1920’s, allowing it to power lights, heating systems and appliances. PC’s were introduced in the 1980’s, changing the way we manages our lives. Smart phones arrived in 2006, bringing the world to our fingertips. However, at the end of the day, we still manage our homes as if we were living in the 1920s!

Think about it…

If you can watch a favorite TV show on your phone, why can’t you dim the living room lights using the same phone?

If home security systems can detect an intruder, why can’t you see if the garage door is locked on your flat screen?


Audio | Video | Home Theater

Audio & Video Systems

Enjoy media easily with integrated audio & video systems

SHSB digitizes, sorts and stores DVDs, CDs, pictures, and digital media files in a central server right in your home. Flat panels and speakers are camouflaged for a clean look. We eliminate unsightly wires, power strips, and unnecessary remote controls. These features combined will change your entertainment experience for a lifetime. There is no compromise between enjoying movies and music and having a clutter free décor.

Audio & video systems can incorporate broadcast media, also having the ability to integrate it with an existing security system if desired.

Enjoy your favorite song in the kitchen, instead of blasting it in the living room and missing the majority of it cause of the loud dishwasher that is running.

Want to finish watching a movie in another room? Take your movie with you without having to deal with a DVD player.

Did you hear something in the driveway? Turn on your flat screen and see if there are any uninvited guests trespassing.

Home Theater

A home theater system is more than having theater style seating in a designated room. It’s about experiencing the best picture and sound quality afforded by current digital media. Enjoy the quality of a movie theater in the privacy of your own home.

SHSB focuses on setting up a well-performing system. Proper calibration of speakers, correct connection between various media output devices and integrating broadcast media are just some of our priorities in setting up a home theater. For more intricate arrangements, we can incorporate the lighting and temperature controls to provide for a better viewing experience.As we install the system, we look to blend it with the current home decor so you don’t have to redecorate extensively.

For homeowners wishing to improve their current home theater system, we work with the equipment you have and make necessary changes at the least cost. For homeowners wishing to install a new system from scratch, we work with you and leading manufacturers of home theater equipment to provide a system that meet both your expectations and budget.


Lighting | Heating | Cooling

SHSB understands the needs and concerns of homeowners looking to upgrade their homes. At SHSB, we consult with homeowners to integrate lighting and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.

Lighting Systems

A choice between standard and custom design

An automated lighting system allows a homeowner to operate the lights from a central control system. Such a system can help a homeowner save energy as well as add a feature to an existing home security system allowing you to simplify daily maintenance tasks such as turning on the porch lights after dark.

At SHSB, we consult with homeowners to custom design stand alone lighting systems, redesign existing ones or integrate new lighting controls into a previously installed automated home system.

Installation is fast and easy. Maintenance and control is a piece of cake with SHSB smart access panel. Easy to use smart panels are designed to be discreet along walls and can be accessed through a smartphone, no matter where you are!

Heating and Cooling

Automated heating and cooling systems are controlled through a programmable thermostat. SHSB installs HVAC, known as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems in compliance with the highest industry standards. Keeping energy efficiency and easy maintenance as core functions, a properly installed HVAC system becomes more than just a heating and cooling system. Programmable systems warm up the bathroom in the mornings before the rest of your house. Along with that feature, depending on feedback from motion and light sensors, the heating can shut off or the AC can turn on in a particular room.

Auto alerts inform you of maintenance tasks and problems as soon as they appear. With smart phone apps, you are always in control of one of the critical functioning elements of your home.

SHSB works with home security equipment to design an intelligent security network that will serve you and your home. The systems that we offer can be fully integrated together or you can choose to simply install surveillance cameras or leak detectors. SHSB will allow you to have full access and control over all of these systems via your smartphone and computer. We provide the following home security systems:


Surveillance Cameras | Intercoms | Leak Detections | Security Systems

SHSB works with industry leaders in home security equipment and management to design an intelligent security network that fits your needs and budget.

Central Monitoring Station: Surveillance Cameras

We install surveillance cameras that will provide a clear image of your property. You will have a sense of security wherever you go. You will be able to access the live stream straight from your smartphone. We provide systems that include motion detection. Shall the system sense unexpected motion around your property; you will be notified immediately.

Intercoms with Audio & Video

Our intercom systems allow you to check on all areas of your home from any given room. Live audio & video will give you control over your home and give you a sense of security.

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors are simple sensors that are attached to your plumbing lines and heaters to notify you of a leak as soon as it happens. A preset list of plumbers and home maintenance companies can be contacted via your smartphone for immediate action before any potential damage is done!

A comprehensive system incorporates the latest security equipment into a modern management network. SHSB will help you become in control of your own home!


Smartphone | Tablet | Desktop

Control, Access, Security

Whether we install a stand-alone automated system or an integrated system, we believe that you deserve to be in control of home. SHSB develops custom smartphone apps for a client’s specific system allowing you to have full access from inside and outside the home, no matter where you are.

Each app is specific to the design of a system and therefore difficult to duplicate. These apps are designed in a way that only authorized users can access them, so even if your phone is lost or misplaced, strangers will not be able to use the app to access the automated system.