Smart Home Security

Wireless Home Alarm Security Systems and Solutions

1Real time Video / Camera Monitoring

Want to see when your kids get home from school, keep an eye on your pets or make sure an important delivery arrives? With HomeAutomat digital video security, you can view live, streaming video in and around your home or receive clips and images of important events when they occur. You can even view video and receive notifications of activity in dark and low-light indoor environments for added peace of mind.

2Control Lighting Remotely

Instantly turn on indoor and outdoor lights from your office computer or smartphone to arrive to a well-lit home, program lights to strobe on and off during an alarm to enhance security and create on and off schedules to simulate a lived-in look when you’re away.

3Intrusion which is real not when your pet moves

Our motion sensors can detect the difference between an intruder and your beloved pet move freely at your home without tripping an alarm.

4Wireless Remotes

We have a wide range of wireless remotes with the features of traditional keypads with convenient fingertip control. The press of a single button lets you operate your security system, lights, garage doors and more.

5Remote Lock

Lock your doors from downtown or down the street—anywhere you have an Internet connection! You can lock and unlock doors automatically when arming or disarming your system, program them to lock at the same time every night or unlock the same time every morning for a babysitter.

6Theft Protection (VDP)

Wireless theft protection sensors can be affixed to any valuable in your home, and alert you when an attempt is made to move or disturb the object. Great for flat screen TVs, artwork, computers, antiques and more.

1Video Door Phone (VDP)

See, Talk to them before you allow them inside. VDPs we have features include additional monitor, additional door station, wireless VDP, Internet / Remote access VDP. We also provide multi apartment VDPs.

2Intrusion Alarm Systems

Secure your home for the peaceful sleep or when you are away from home or out for a vacation. We provide Wired or Wireless or hybrid Intrusion Alarm System based on your need.

Intrusion Alarm System (IAS) to choose from 1 to 50 Zones, Control Panel with inbuilt message and up to 30 number GSM Voice and SMS Dialer, Automatic Arming and Disarming, Remote Access through SMS & Telephone and Separate multiple Lines LCD Remote Key Pad.

3Indoor / Outdoor Sensors

State-of-the-art sensors detect movement indoors and outdoors, listen for the sound of breaking glass to guard against intruders, protect valuables and more. They enhance the effectiveness of your security system and provide you with the complete, whole-house protection you need. You can also opt to receive alerts on your smartphone if motion is sensed in a protected area inside or outside - giving you the information you need to act quickly.

4Environmental Sensors

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements, these detectors can notify you when detecting floods, leaks and extreme temperatures—helping to minimize the risk of dangerous conditions and damages to your home and valuables.

5Emergency Help

Our panic pendants provide you with peace of mind by summoning emergency help with the press of a button. One or two-button keys let you, an elderly relative or anyone who may require emergency assistance send signals to the central station to summon the police or medical response personnel when an alarm is triggered. Compact and water-resistant, they can be worn wristband, pendant, belt or keychain style.

6CCTV System

HomeAutomat makes your home protected by the required surveillance and best in class security measures for your integrated home. The security measures include Intrusion Alarm & Detection System, Remote Monitoring and creating an Alert zone for a safe and secure home.


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