Apartment & Villas Solutions

At SHSB we believe in offering our client the most advantage solution that fit both budget and schedules. We Empower Builders to sell their Multi Dwelling Units ((MDU) like Apartments & Villas) fast with the Technological Solutions in the area of Safety, Security, Savings & Convenience. The technological solutions towards Smart Gated Community are focused keeping in mind of the simplicity and benefit towards the current need of the market. The various solutions under the below headings are given for your quick reference.

Multi Video Door Phone System

The most simple and efficient Gated Community Secured & Utility Solution.

Suitable for High Raise Building, Large Gated Community (Apartments or Villas), and also for small installations.

Eco & Green Philosophy products: The system works completely on 30.5v D.C operative tension which leads to lower current consumption than the standard systems. It means easy saving energy:

  • Automatic saving power management.
  • Cat5/6 reduces 70% of the copper use.
  • Monitors with low consumption.

Centralized Safety & Security:

  • Panic Alarm Button in case of emergency
  • Alarm sensors like Gas leak, Door Sensors, Glass Break Sensors can be connected.


  • Hands-Free color internal units with flat to flat intercom.
  • Picture storage capacity
  • Video Door Phone (VDP) to allow the known person in.
  • Control Digital Door Lock through VDP
  • Multi VDP allows you to talk to other flat owners (Intercom Calls / EPABX functionality)
  • Security Phone, allows you to see the visitor at entrance and allow inside the tower.
  • View selected common area cameras in Hands Free Color VDP
  • Two Way Audio & One Way Video.


  • Intercom system – This solution replaces the traditional telephone based intercom system. Security personal shall be given a Tablet and the visitor can speak to the resident through wireless network with two way or one way video. Upon Residents confirmation the visitor is allowed inside the gated community.
  • This intercom system shall allow the residents of the community to have a voice or video talks internally
  • Provision to leave a recorded audio or video messages to the other residents.
  • Gated community alerts or reminders shall be sent through this solution (eg. maintenance personal can send alert to all the residents much before for any scheduled maintenance activity).
  • VDP – Video Door Phone at each houses shall ensure the visitor is being looked before allowing access to enter into the villa / Apartment.

CCTV & Surveillance Systems

Security and surveillance solutions is no more an option it is the need of the hour. CCTV is the first step to it.

Digital / IP / HD CCTV Surveillance System shall be placed in locations like perimeter, entry & exit, sensitive and strategic locations for safety & security of the residents.

The objective of every investment is towards have better surveillance and detecting early signs of danger and to provide the visual proof in case of any security breaches.

Our range of CCTV cameras include:

Analog, IP, Night-vision, HD CCTV, Infra-red, Thermal, PTZ Cameras, Megapixel, Wireless, Intelligent cameras


  • Cameras shall be part of the perimeter security and for live monitoring.
  • Cameras shall be placed in the strategic locations to have a complete 360 degree view of the properties safety and security.
  • The Cameras (basic to high-end) shall be recommended based on the need and from security point of view.
  • Digital IP CCTV is proposed in the smart integrated buildings for multiple benefits.
  • Wi-Fi based CCTV Solution is offered based on the requirement or as a retrofit model.
  • Mobile Access for remote viewing or provision for a centralized monitoring shall be given.

Fire Alarm System

We know that nothing is more important to you than the safety of the people and assets in your properties.

An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect presence of fire by monitoring accidental/ incidental/ environmental changes associated with combustion.

We provide FAS (Fire Alarm System) either automatically actuated, manually actuated, or both. We shall suggest the right FAS solutions based on the need of the project.

Fire Suppression systems use combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires. These have become necessity to several industries to help control damage and loss of equipment/building/life.


  • FAS shall detect a fire at an early stage and alerts and supports in evacuating occupants
  • FAS also notifies the relevant personnel and also activates auxiliary functions like smoke controls, lift homing etc.
  • Available in addressable, non-addressable (conventional) and hybrid system type.
  • FAS is about design, install and maintain it. SHSB supports all these.
  • False Alarm Management also plays an important role and sufficient precaution and training shall be given.

Networking & Telecom Infrastructure Solutions

Interconnected systems have enhanced our living with the best of the technological features.

We are in the technological era which is upgrading very fast. It is important to have a robust and seamless Communication backbone which includes Networking, (FTH / CAT 6 for Data & Voice). The application of this can be felt in Internet, Intercom, Multi Video Door Phone, Wifi Access Point, Public Address System, Music / Audio System and so on...

We at HOME AUTOMAT provide every Multi Dwelling Unit a right Solution which can serve the current requirement and can be the base for the future Building Intelligent & Management System.


  • Integrated Building basics is of right & needed wiring for current & future need shall be well taken care.
  • Inter communication through regular telephone system or Multi Video Door Phone.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi Solution to get the best out of the internet world.
  • In-building solution for the seamless Mobile or Telecommunication Signal.
  • Provision for Intelligent Building Management System over the existing system.

Entry Management System

Entry Management with Automated Boom Barrier System & Automated Car Parking System shall make your living Safe & Convenient.

Midrange Access Card, Long Range UHF Tags

Automated Car Entry gives you the flexibility of entry to your premises without being pulling the rolling shutter or sliding gate or boom barrier. It’s the most needed convenience for you. Allowing the authorized vehicles inside the parking lot gives various benefits to the Residential Apartments or Gated community.

Automated Car Parking System

In the current challenge of the residential space and to reduce the construction timeline and costing. It is important to adapt the automated car parking system. SHSB offers the automated and multi-Level puzzle parking with or without IoT / cloud integration.


  • As the person entering the residential space is an authorized person and his/her details are recorded for future analytics.
  • Unknown persons or visitors is being stopped without manual intervention.
  • Visitors can use the parking area by permission only (through the visitor card controlled by security)
  • The solution can be operated manually without access card in case of need (provision shall be given to security or authorized personals only).
  • Automated vehicle can be one above the other or puzzle parking.
  • The Solution is inclusive of web analytics of the Vehicle movements for further analysis and information.

Access Security Systems

Safety is a collaborative approach. Access Control Shall ensure the right access to the right personals.

Electronic Access Control systems provide additional security by enforcing time rules, by raising alarm in the event of unauthorized attempt to gain access. Access Control systems also assist in recording all access movements, IN & OUT, for analysis in the event of any security breach.

SHSB provides integrated building security and access control systems for interior and exterior doors in buildings through following identifiers:


SHSB Access Control systems include Card, Biometric, Special Electronic Locks, Photo ID systems, Protection management systems.


  • Access Control based Door Access
  • New Visitor or Guest shall be registered through centralized software.
  • Active Guest Shall get access to the room and floor as defined.
  • Access can be through Biometric or RFID (optional).
  • Room doors controlled through Electro Magnetic Lock.
  • Push Button to operate the door from Inside.

Guard Patrolling System

Guard patrolling is essential to make sure that the gated community or the premises is safe and secure through the security personals periodical movement.

SHSB offers a comprehensive range of Guard Patrolling or Guard Tour System. Guard patrolling is essential to make sure that the gateway or the premises is safe and secure. Security guard shall carry a hand held reader to the specific hotspots (a location where RFID tags are placed) and the reader records the date and time of the security guard visit to the hotspot. These data is further available for the management for a detailed analysis. The solution is available in the following variants:

  • Standalone or GSM based
  • Desktop Version or Browser Version


  • The reports of the patrolling can be viewed through system or provision to get it emailed regularly.
  • Alerts for regular upload of data from the security guards which the supervisor can monitor and manage.
  • Graphical Reports of the visits and alerts.
  • GSM based system shall send the supervisor the real time alerts.
  • The regular movement of the security guard in sensitive areas and during the night has resulted in many unforeseen events.

Water Metering System

Technological solutions for the efficient use of resources – the most important WATER!

SHSB provides the right water metering solution for the requirement of the high-rise buildings, Multi Dwelling Units and Gated Communities. The solutions are innovative, intuitive and eco-friendly technology that seamlessly integrates with new and existing buildings to provide Automation Solutions for enhancing User experience and convenience while contributing to cost savings.

We provide Wired / Wireless / Hybrid Solution to suit each project towards a self sustainable model. The solution is an integrated platform that enables Measurement, Monitoring, Prediction and Billing of Home User's water consumption.

Water Metering is a unique combination of Electronics and Mechanics combining together to provide the most accurate Water Measurement and Metering solution.


  • Installation and commissioning of AquaSense Smart Water Meter and Communication Modules
  • Collaboration of Systems
  • Usage/consumption data collection in real time / pre scheduled times
  • Data upload to Cloud for getting accessed by Computer / Mobile App
  • Monitoring usage and providing analytics

Common Area Lighting & Gardening Automation

Gated Community belongs to multiple owners. When it comes to the ownership of common area, then the question is “who should take responsibility?

Savings in terms of Time & Energy is need of the Hour.

In gated community setups we provide Lighting Automation that provides energy harvesting by turning ON/OFF the lights as required or reduces the intensity of light to match the Day Light thereby benefitting the nature’s Sun Light usage.

The automated schedules and sensor based lighting shall ensure no power is wasted ‘by Mistake’. Dimmers shall make sure the light intensity is available as required.

Schedule based watering

Automat provides you the convenience of automated watering which can be scheduled or we provide a special sensors which shall water based on the soil moisturizer. This shall not only make the plant nurture at the same time it shall not waste water.

Having Lighting automation for Garden makes even more beautiful with the right lighting especially in the evening times. Automat shall also support in scheduling or controlling the Water Fountains, Water bodies, Cascades, Water Curtains and Fountain lights and much more


  • Lighting Sensors
  • Corridor Lighting Sensors for alternative circuits for energy management.
  • Lift Access Systems
  • Floor Level Lift Access System.
  • Common Area Lighting Systems
  • Schedule Based Lighting System for Building Exterior & in strategic Places.
  • Wireless based Control, Lighting Automation & Scheduling, Sensor based Lighting.
  • Savings, Convenience & Security!

Lighting (LED) & Energy Saving Solution

Lighting (LED) based and various solutions to make Earth a better place. We owe earth to our children!

Energy saving Sensors, Switches and Modules Turns on / off Lightings based on the presence and natural lighting. Also the scheduled lighting shall make sure the common area lights are turned ON / OFF at the right time thereby making it a system dependent than a person dependent and also in these process saves the energy. !

We bring you the latest & best of the light fittings from leading brands across the world which suits your unique decor requirment.


  • Various LED Light Fittings for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Solar based lightings for better energy management.
  • Sensor based lighting to use the energy as need basis.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) provision to integrate the various sensors and to give the analytics to evaluate the energy usage and to take the necessary action.
  • Car Parking Lighting Solution to Save Energy.

Building Solutions (SS & Glass works)

Smart Solutions should provide ‘safety, security and lifestyle products’ to fulfill this it is important to use the Steel & Glass materials apart from the Technological Solutions.

SHSB with the vision to provide complete Building Solutions towards Safety, Security & Lifestyle has extended its solutions in the Building Solution vertical that include SS (Stainless Steel) works, Glass Works, Solar & LED Solutions. AUTOMAT provides the complete PMC (Project Management Consulting) services to execute the complete Building Solutions.


  • Designer SS (Stainless Steel) works that include Gates, Barriers, Railings, Fixtures, Structures and Claddings.
  • Glass works that include Glazings, Partitions, Skylights, Railings, Shower Cubicles and more.
  • Energy Efficient Glass to keep the temperature in control and provides sufficient Sun Light.
  • Different Glass includes Shatterproof glass, Laminated glass, Toughend Glass, Glass Blocks, Extra clean glass, Chromatic glass, and more.

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